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I am new to Fido, how do I apply for FidoBiz credit.

First-time Fido customers can apply for FidoBiz by following these steps:

  1. Download the Fido App. 
  2. Register on the Fido App with your mobile number and fill out a quick survey to complete your Fido Score assessment  (How to calculate your Fido Sore)
  3. Verify your identity by capturing a photo of yourself and your Ghana card in the Fido App ((see verification guide here)
  4. Select "start now" on the join fidobiz banner.
  5. Next, fill out a quick survey to help us know about your business.
  6. Upload required documents to confirm your business’ existence.
  7. Upload required documents to confirm business ownership. 
  8. Upload required documents to show recent transactional records on your business account.
  9. Wait for an approval response on the Fido App within 24-48 hours, then apply for your FidoBiz credit.

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