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Do I qualify for FidoBiz?

Any registered business owner can qualify for FidoBiz. A one-time registration is required, along with the submission of specific business documentation. You can qualify for FidoBiz either as an EXISTING Fido user or a NEW user:

  • New to Fido: If you're new to Fido, make sure you have the relevant business documents required. Start by registering on the FidoBiz webpage and verifying your personal account in the Fido App. After verification, follow the steps in the app to confirm your business details by uploading the required documents.
    Read more about how first time Fido users can apply for FidoBiz here…
  • Already a Fido user: If you're already using Fido and own a registered business, then you are eligible to apply for FidoBiz. Look for the FidoBiz banner on your Fido App's homepage when you log in. Click "Join Now" to apply. 

    NB: You must have a good repayment track record to be eligible. Continue repaying your personal credit on time to see the FidoBiz banner.
    Read more about how existing Fido users can apply for FidoBiz here...

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