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What can I do from the Profile Page?

The Profile Page of the app has a lot of useful features to help you get the best out of the Fido App. In addition to showing you the mobile number linked to your Account, you will have a few menus grouped into two sections; ‘My Account’ and ‘About Fido’.

My Account section - You can:

  1. Verify your identity for the first time.
  2. See your Fido ID (after your identity has been verified).
  3. Check out your Fido Score (after you have been verified and completed a survey.)
  4. Manage your Payment Methods (after your identity is verified).

About Us section - You can:

  1. Visit the Help Center.
  2. Rate the Fido App.
  3. Read our Privacy Policy.
  4. Read our Terms and Conditions

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