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How to resubmit your FidoBiz documents after rejection

Facing document rejection can be frustrating, especially if it affects your access to business funds. Knowing why documents get rejected can help improve your chances of credit approval with Fido. Check out the steps to resubmit your documents to speed up the approval process with FidoBiz credit. 

Understanding the Rejection

  •  Review the Rejection Notice
  • Identify the reasons for rejection.
  • Note any specific errors or missing information.

  Common Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting Documents

Preparing Your Documents for Resubmission

  1. Correcting Errors
  • Ensure all information is accurate and complete.
  • Double-check for typographical errors.

 2. Gathering Required Documents

  • Verify you have all the necessary documents.
  • Ensure documents are current and not expired.

Channels for Resubmission 

  1. In-App Resubmission
  • Log in to your Fido account.
  • Move to the particular document that was rejected.
  • Tap on resubmit to upload the corrected documents.

 2. Chat / WhatsApp Resubmission

  • Log into your in-app chat or WhatsApp.
  • Upload the corrected documents.

Please note that this channel of resubmission is only applicable to rejected Financial Statements

3. Email Resubmission

  • Ensure the email subject line includes the document type.
  • Attach the corrected documents.
  • Include a brief explanation of the corrections made if possible.

After Resubmission

  1. Waiting Period
  • Understand the expected review timeline.
  • Avoid submitting multiple times within the waiting period.

 2. Further Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What should I do if my documents get rejected again?
  •  Follow the steps above and consider reaching out for detailed feedback.

 2. How long does it take to review resubmitted documents?

  • The review period is typically 24 hours.

 3.  Who can I contact for further assistance?

  • Contact customer support if you have any questions.

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