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How do I calculate my Fido Score?

Fido Score is a tool that helps you unlock larger credit limits and improved credit terms from Fido. Your Fido Score is for your personal use only, and we will not share it with any 3rd party without your consent. Kindly follow these steps to calculate your Fido Score: 

  • Select “Calculate now” after verification
  • Select “Grant permissions” and allow the app to access your location, contacts, phone, SMS, photos, and media.
  • Next, provide your personal details to complete the process. Complete the KYC  to calculate your Score.

Rest assured that your Score will be calculated within few minutes.  After your score is displayed, you have the option to learn how to How can I increase my Fido Score? by selecting “Learn more” or you can select “Start using Fido” to proceed to apply for credit.

If you are still not successful after several attempts, please contact Fido Customer Support.

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