About FidoBiz

What is FidoBiz?
FidoBiz is a special credit product from Fido for registered business owners. It’s designed to help boost small businesses by providing tailored business credit of up to Ugx 2,500,000 to help business owners grow and manage their businesses. FidoBiz is available to both existing and new Fido...
How is FidoBiz different from the personal credit that Fido has been offering?
Fido personal credit offers individuals the opportunity to receive credit with flexible payment options to cushion them with their financial needs. Whereas, FidoBiz is designed exclusively for registered business owners. It is designed to help boost small businesses by providing tailored busines...
Do I qualify for FidoBiz?
Any registered business owner can qualify for FidoBiz. A one-time registration is required, along with the submission of specific business documentation. You can qualify for FidoBiz either as an EXISTING Fido user or a NEW user: New to Fido: If you're new to Fido, make sure you have the re...
What is the maximum amount of credit I can get from FidoBiz?
Eligible FidoBiz customers can access credit limits of up to UGX 2,500,000 by continuing to make timely payments and building a strong financial record with Fido. To check your available credit limit, just log in to the Fido App.
What fees and interest rates apply to my FidoBiz credit?
Fido maintains a very transparent fee structure, allowing you to fully review terms and conditions in the Fido App prior to submitting a credit application or drawing from approved credit limits. Refer to the interest rate displayed in the app prior to accepting the credit terms.
What is the repayment tenure for a Fido Business credit?
FidoBiz offers flexible credit payment options. You can pay off your initial credit draw in 10 to 33 days. As you establish your credit history and become eligible for higher credit limits, you can extend repayments incrementally to up to three (3) monthly equal installments. After paying off yo...
I applied for Fido personal credit in the past, can I apply for a FidoBiz credit now?
Yes, if you've used Fido's personal credit before, you can apply for FidoBiz to benefit from higher credit limits for your business. Just make sure you've paid off any outstanding personal credit balances before applying for FidoBiz.