Repaying your FidoBiz credit

How do I pay back my credit?
You can repay your FidoBiz credit via the Fido App or using the USSD steps below: Dial *284*300# Enter your Fido pin Select the “Loan Services” option (1) Select the credit you want to repay Enter the amount you want to repay Select the registered wallet you want to pay from Enter your P...
Can I repay my credit in installments?
FidoBiz offers the option to repay your credit in up to 3 equal monthly installments. This makes it easier to manage larger credit limits. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean you repay the whole amount after the chosen period, but you make partial payments each month. This is to make repayin...
What happens if I do not pay my credit on time?
Paying on time is essential for a good Fido score and future access to Fido services. Late payments result in penalties. Unpaid balances may lead to legal action and reporting to authorities as required by law.
Do I get a reduced interest rate if I pay off my FidoBiz credit early?
Yes. We appreciate responsible financial behavior. If you pay off your FidoBiz credit early, you'll only be charged interest up to the day of repayment, reducing your overall payment. Meaning, you will pay a reduced amount compared to what was originally specified in your credit payment sche...
Can I change my wallet number after initial registration?
Yes you can always change your wallet number in the Fido app. However, you would need to go through the registration process once again for our team to authenticate you. 
Can I submit a transaction statement from a different wallet other than the one in my application form?
Sorry, you can not use a transaction statement different from what was submitted in your application form. Make sure your transaction statement matches the wallet number you provided during your application. We review all transactions, and they must be linked to the registered wallet number.