Account Verification (KYC)

Why do I need to verify my Account?
This is to protect you from fraud and identity theft and to comply with financial regulations. Account verification is a mandatory and very important part of the registration process.
How do I verify my Fido Account?
To get started, make sure you have your National ID Card in hand and know your Street Address or landmark description. After registering your account with your mobile number, you can verify your Account by either going to the Profile Section of your Account or by selecting “Apply Now” from the H...
I am not able to capture my photo for verification, why?
You can ensure that you have a smooth and easy verification process by following very simple guidelines that are shown in the app. Take the photo indoors, with good lighting, but avoid very bright lighting behind you that will blur the photo. Look directly at the camera, making sure to keep y...
Can I verify my Account if I don’t have a National ID Card?
Sorry, you can only verify your Fido Account with your National ID Card. Contact the National Identification & Registration Authority on how to register for a National ID Card or get a replacement for a lost card.