Common Questions

What is my Fido ID?
Your Fido ID is a 9-digit number assigned to every Fido customer after applying for your first Fido credit. It is your unique identity with us and it is permanently linked to your Fido Account. You can find it on the Profile Page of the Fido App when you are logged in.
What will I use my Fido ID for?
Your Fido ID will be used to identify you as a Fido customer. You will need it when; You contact Fido customer support for assistance on any issue. You are making a payment to your Fido Account.
Is the Fido App available on the Apple App Store?
The Fido App is currently not available on the Apple App Store or for iOS devices. We are however exploring making it available and will make it known to the public when we do. You can only download the Fido App from the Google Play Store for Android devices.
How safe is the data I submit to Fido?
Fido respects your privacy and the confidentiality of personal information about our customers, employees, and relevant stakeholders. Our systems and processes comply with internationally accepted information security standards. This ensures that we gather, store and handle data fairly, securely...
Can I reset my Fido PIN?
Yes, you can request a PIN reset for your Fido Account by contacting the Fido Customer Support Team.
Why do I need a reference?
When registering, it is necessary to provide a reference who can be contacted if we are unable to reach you. Please note that the reference is not acting as a guarantor. Fido takes the protection of personal information and customer data seriously and implements appropriate technical and organiz...
How do I update my personal information on my Fido account?
The new Fido App does not currently offer a feature to edit your personal information. However, if you wish to receive your funds in a different account, you can easily add multiple payment methods to your account in the 'My Account' section of your profile. Simply select the '+Add&#...